Aston Martin Restoration - Quality of workmanship

Aston Workshop is proud to be an ISO 9001 and 9002 compliant organisation. This means we have well documented processes that we follow and that we have an effective quality control system in place.

We are also members of the Retail Motor Institute and the Vehicle Builders Repair Association. Each have their respective codes of behaviour and standards and these are your safeguard that we perform as we promise. You are welcome to request a copy of these codes should you desire.

We constantly monitor our portfolio of skills and competences, ensuring that we not only retain all the skills required, but grow new to give us yet better access to relevant new technology and materials, and new processes that can further assist in quality and efficiency.

We guarantee our work and the materials and products we use.

Finally but most importantly, we have a history of delivering the finest restored cars of any in our industry, as the prizes we have won bear testament.

Workmanship second to none The starting point  of any restoration - restoring the hidden structure takes time and experience but it is essential " Every engine is fully tested and checked on our digitally controlled dynamometer   to ensure it performs precisely as it should and that any problems are fully rectified prior to final installation" "We take pride in achieving an exquisite fit and finish under the bonnet  " "We use only the finest materials with a fit and quality of finish to envy "
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